Holy Ramadan holiday!


OXUS restaurant congratulates all Muslims on the holy Ramadan holiday and invites you to visit after sunset!
During the sacred month in our restaurant you will find a special cosiness, warmth and a wonderful atmosphere. At Iftar we will treat you with oriental snacks and of course with dates and water.
Ramadan is a holy holiday in Islam, lasting a whole month. This is a physical and moral test for those who fast, who are not allowed to eat, drink, smoke and indulge in any entertainment during the whole daylight hours. All these prohibitions help a person to get close to God.
The basis of fasting in Ramadan is quite simple, you can not eat food and water while the sun is shining in the sky. Morning meal, suhur, should be carried out until the sun does not appear in the sky. Evening reception (Iftar) can begin only when the sun disappears behind the sky. Food usually begins with dates and water.
This year the festival lasts from May 16 to June 14.