OXUS – new oriental restaurant

Why OXUS? This is how Alexander of Macedon called Central Asia. In addition, earlier it was the name of the Amudarya river flowing through the whole region. Dishes of this part of the world are represented in the Moscow OXUS. For the kitchen in OXUS is responsible for Bodhodir Nurmukhamedov, who flew specially from Uzbekistan to head the project.

Most of the products for OXUS come from Central Asia. The emphasis on the menu is made on the dishes of traditional eastern (in particular, Uzbek) cuisine. To maintain authenticity of dishes and technology of their preparation, the chief and his team work only with original recipes without any adaptation.
By the way, guests of the institution can choose for themselves “your” dish you like a piece of meat or fish. For this, on the ground floor there are special “cabinets” with products and an open ice showcase.