Between pho and kuksi: the secrets of the main Asian dishes with noodles

Asian soup with noodles has long conquered New York and London and now gradually conquer Moscow. Four connoisseurs of Pan-Asian cuisine told us what should be the canonical fores, ramen, kuxi and lagman, and how these dishes differ from each other.

The chef OXUS told about the correct Uighur lagman

Lagman is a national Uighur dish. In Uzbekistan this is a separate category of dishes, which does not apply to either the first or the hot. Lagman is preparing for about 5-7 minutes, always on the wok.

Lamb’s thigh, which is marinated in the egg and starch for 24 hours and cut into thin slices about 3×3 cm. Also in this lagman is added Chinese cabbage bassai, jando string beans or Kenyan beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic, celery stalk and at will parsley.

A root of ginger is added, pre-soaked in water for two days to get rid of bitterness. Required for this dish spices: pepper, ginger, tubby, carnation to give a special flavor. The smell of the dish should be saturated and spicy, and the dough and vegetables are prepared al dente.

– Violation of rules –

You can use beef for lagman, but the taste will not be so saturated. Other types of meat – this is not lagman. Clearly visually distinguish properly prepared lagman from the bad can be on unevenly rolled noodles (one more, the other is flat), unequally cut pieces of meat and an excessive amount of Sauce sauce. Usually this sauce, obtained during cooking, is laid out in a small amount, covering the bottom of the plate.

– How to eat –

Lagman is served with grape vinegar sirk, if you want more acidity, and soy sauce for a more salty taste. The best lagman is prepared according to all the rules in the Old City in Tashkent, in small family establishments specializing only on this dish. These are absolutely not tourist places, “for their own”.

Source:RBC Style