Review of new places on the Afisha Daily

What is known

OXUS is a restaurant of unadapted Oriental cuisine, where Uzbek dishes are mainly prepared. Products, according to the owners, they are delivered from Central Asia. In the kitchen there is a tandoor, on which puff cakes are made. In addition to the main hall, there are two more: for 15 people each, with their own kitchens – there will be prepared dishes for large companies.

Quotation from the menu

Salad Achichuk with katyk and mint, 370 rubles, manty with lamb, 420 rubles, hosib, 780 rubles, shurpa, 520 rivers, pilaf “Samarkand”, 690 rubles, kazob kabob, 850 rubles, hulvitar with caramelized nuts, 450r.

Source:Afisha Daily