Restaurant Oxus: Eurasian mix from architects Archpoint

Gastronomic restaurant Oriental cuisine Oxus surprises with a variety of decor. The project was worked by Valery Lizunov, Alexandra Shemetillo and Olga Nosova – Archpoint architectural bureau.
Oxus – the ancient name of the Amudarya River and the whole of Central Asia, referring to the era of the reign of Alexander the Great. However, the restaurant itself is addressed to a modern resident of the metropolis, so the eastern color is served in a dosed manner. Its most obvious and bright, and in the most direct sense, the element – an openwork partition of golden brass, which echoes patterned floor tiles.
In general, the task was to create a comfortable and relaxing space. To begin with, they made redevelopment: they removed unnecessary partitions, levels and ladders. Added light – on the second floor the lack of natural light is compensated by numerous lamps in the form of inverted truncated pyramids. The white color of the walls multiplies this effect, and the relief decor removes monotony.
On two floors there are six halls: two main halls, two halls for 15 people each with their own kitchens, an attic for 10 people and a closed veranda with access to the courtyard.
In the menu – dishes of Lebanese and Uzbek cuisine, in the interior – a mix created on the basis of furniture collections of Italian top brands. On 800 square meters – the work of Patricia Urquiola’s design: openwork chairs Crinoline (B & B Italia), chairs Nub (Andreu World), floor lamps Tatou (Flos). They make up the company items of such brands as Fredericia, Classicon, Fambuena, Spiridon, Bocci, Green Furniture. Part of furniture and accessories made to order by Russian furniture makers: for example, oriental sofas, couch in the hall on the first floor, almost all tables, waiters’ chairs, a mirror in the hall. Fixtures – from the collections of European brands Santa & Cole, Bocci, Kalmar, Green Furniture, Spiridon, Fambuena.

For a basis took an image of the first floor of an internal court yard of the east house. Hence the abundance of lush greenery, wicker “street” furniture, low sofas. In the center of the first floor is the stylization under the atrium: a composition marked with an invoice ceiling, around which the seats are grouped.
On the second floor the atmosphere of the Mediterranean reigns: here furniture in blue and terracotta tones, olive trees in tubs. There are also two VIP-rooms. Each with its own kitchen, decorated with marble, and kazanom for cooking. Marble is also used in the design of bathrooms – they are faced with walls, floors and countertops. Used floor sinks of the Italian brand Azurra and plumbing company Cielo. Luminaire-flowers are of Spiridon brand.
Bakhodir Nurmukhamedov is in charge of the kitchen. The wine card was made by sommelier Vladislav Markin. Cocktail – Kirill Filimonov.
Restaurants – one of the main specializations of architects Archpoint. Shops, five-star hotels and golf clubs complement the list of works created in twenty years. The head of the company is Valery Lizunov, designer and co-author of all team projects. And these are 150 projects in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Astana, Sochi, Dubai and Odessa. Restaurants White Rabbit, Schechtel, Oblaka, Selfie, Twenty Two, La Casa Del Gaucho, Tverbul, Zatura Bar, Grammy’s and others are awarded with prizes and awards.

Author: Gulnara Letfulina

Photo: Olga Melekestseva