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OXUS is a restaurant of modern Asian cuisine.  TRADITIONS OF MIDDLE ASIA IN NEW READING!

The name “OXUS” reflects the chosen concept and refers to history and geography. It is well known that this was the way Alexander of Macedon called Central Asia. Moreover, the Amu-Darya River that flows across this entire region used to have this name in the ancient era. Dishes from this particular part of the world are offered in OXUS restaurant in Moscow.

The menu focuses on Uzbek dishes and traditional eastern recipes. OXUS sources most of its ingredients from Central Asian countries in order to adhere to the taste authenticity and cooking technologies. The project team treats the historical roots with respect – this is why our menu contains only original, unadulterated recipes that have not been adapted in any other way. On the first floor, there are cabinets for ripening and an ice box with seafood so you can select whichever piece of meat, fish or seafood to prepare for your meal.

Eastern cuisine is rich in fragrances and intense in flavors, which makes choosing the properly matching wines for it a challenging task.

The wine list of our sommelier meets this challenge. It comprises both the wine market classics and items that are chosen to match particular dishes in the menu. They too have an intense flavor and vivid bouquet and emphasize the taste of selected dishes. The list offers about 160 bottled items and 12 wines served by glass.

OXUS bar is given a special role: our cocktail list demonstrates a blend of European and Asian cultures. Chef-bartender takes strong liquor as the basis and elaborates it with dried fruits, nuts, herbs and spices to place eastern highlights smartly.

The place owes its design to Valery Lizunov. Two floors hold six dining rooms: two large main rooms; two smaller ones, hosting fifteen guests and equipped with their own kitchens; an attic room holding ten guests; and an enclosed patio opening onto the yard. In summer, our guests can also take repose on the spacious balconies. All premises are designed differently though in the same style. And, last but not least, a feature: OXUS has its own parking lot!

Доставка работает: с Пн по Вс с 11:30 до 23:00. Dismiss